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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I had the fortunate opportunity to shoot the billboards and print ads again this year for the super popular television show 'Ice Road Truckers- Season 4' ( on HISTORY network ) . The first billboard went up in NYC ( near Madison Square Garden ) on the side of 20 story building, which was awesome to watch being painted. During the shoot, the temps were hovering in the lower teens, with blowing snow and howling winds on the side of the mountain while we were working , but great fun, and a fantastic crew to work with. I had to break out every piece of Gortex weather gear I own and still needed more . But, it's amazing to work with such a talented crew ( both the red camera production team and the drivers ) and see it all come together. If you've not seen the show on television ( over 3 million viewers ) check it out.
Here's a link to the show which airs Sunday nights at 9pm eastern time-